Duffel Bag - 1 of 1 - Not.Travis x Amos Leather

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A collaboration with Cody Amos, a master leather craftsman to create a custom duffel bag designed by myself and assembled by Amos Leather.

After Over 100 hours of craftsmanship, we are excited to debut the first of many custom travel pieces created by myself and Amos Leather, all will be unique in design and assembly.

This is a true collaboration between art and craftsmanship. Carefully designed, cut, and painted by not.travis, then assembled by Amos Leather. This one-of-a-kind handmade duffel bag is made from heavy duty natural canvas that has been hand painted, paired with 100% genuine leather, and then fully lined with a reflective nylon to add that touch of pop. The bag also features the world's best zipper, #6 RIRI Zippers, the same Zippers used on astronaut suits. The duffel bag features multiple functional pockets for storage and convenience as well as metallic quick release buckles on the exterior to easily expand the bag. Finally, the bag is covered with custom not.travis patches that are limited in production, further making the duffel a unique custom piece.

Duffel Bag - 1 of 1 - Not.Travis x Amos Leather
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